Gateless Pet Preform Moulds

Gateless Pet Preform Moulds

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Our offered Gateless PET Preform Molds are the pre-shaped layers of dry fiber network that has the shape similar to that of the composite part, however, it does not contain the polymer matrix. depending upon the requirement, the cavities of these molds can be availed in different numbers. The mentioned molds are engineered using stainless steel mold housing and some critical mold parts. Each Gateless PET Preform Mold is rendered by treating with heat and hardness. As the name implies, the mentioned preform mold is especially made for the PET products.

Key Points :
  • Core and lip cavity are interlocked together for having wall thickness consistency
  • Presence of advanced cooling lines renders uniform conditioning and efficiency
  • Backward movement allow the material to flow easily during injection
  • Hot Runner system ensures top quality gate less preform